HeroQuest: Revised Edition



There are many HeroQuest pages on the internet. Some have home-brewed Quest Books or rules. Some are faithful re-creations of the original material. Some re-make the game, but radically different.

HQR is a re-make faithful to the spirit of the game. The aim is to keep the EXPERIENCE the same, while pulling together the materials from both sides of the Atlantic.
There where two versions of HeroQuest made. The first for the entire world save for the Americas (known as the UK or EU edition), and one for only the Americas (know as the US edition). Both the UK and US edition hade a number of incarnations, and the two versions are not quite compatible.

There where also some inconsistencies and loop-holes in the rules. Odd effects when special abilities combined, ill-defined ideas and other such.

For HQR I have re-stated the rules. The run-of-the-mill play of HQR is identical to the run-of-the-mill play of the original HeroQuest. In certain situations where a loop-hole existed, it has been closed.

HQR is compatible with all the originally published Official HeroQuest material with only minor tweaks. All of said material has been included here. No significant changes have been made to the Quests.

What’s included?

The HQR project combines the following original materials:
Basic Set – UK (three versions)
Basic Set – US (one version, as other changes where cosmetic only)
Basic Set - Japan (one version)
Kellar’s Keep – UK
Kellar’s Keep – US
Return of the Witch Lord – UK
Return of the Witch Lord – US
Against The Ogre Horde – UK
Wizards of Morcar – UK
Barbarian Quest Pack – US
Elf Quest Pack – US
Marvel Winter Special – UK
White Dwarf Magazine – UK (Two issues)
Adventure Design Kit – (UK)

I have also included some home-brewed materials to plug the gaps:
Dwarf Quest Pack – Should have eventually appeared in the US
Wizard Quest Pack – Should have eventually appeared in the US
Compilation of quests – Collects the various single quests from various sources and fleshes them out into a series similar to the original Quest Book.
Knights of Chaos – Designed to tie-up the plot started in the original material.

How have the rules changed?

I have changed everything into actions. Now all figures take one Movement Action and one other Action from those available.

The standard turn in HeroQuest is exactly the same, the rules just state it a different way.

Where things change is with effects such as the Wand of Magic/Rod of Recall, which allows to to Cast two Spells in stead of one. It now grants a bonus Cast action per turn. The effect is the same, but gives more strategic flexibility.

Another example is the Potion of Speed and the spell Swift Wind, each of which doubled your Movement Dice. Multiple items thus lead to an exponential power increase. Now they simply grant a bonus Movement Action, a linier increase.

However, as Actions can be taken in any order, this system makes things far more flexible strategically.

Other effects have been re-defined or re-stated for clarity. Some items have been adjusted for game-balance.

How will HQR be released?

We are working to finished producing print-ready files for the HQR system.

One that is done, we hope to produce other variants, such as our custom expansions re-designed to the original rule-sets.